Tobacco- Who knew that it could protect you.

“Cashier foils pen-wielding robberA 62-year-old gas station cashier chased a would-be-robber out of the Stefko Boulevard station early Tuesday by chucking cartons of cigarettes at him, Bethlehem police said.

The robbery happened at about 3:47 a.m. Tuesday morning when the man entered the Texaco gas station, 1907 Stefko Boulevard, wearing a T-shirt over his head and brandishing a silver pen.

He told Lorraine Roth, the cashier, to “open the cash register … I don’t want to have to kill you,” Roth then threw the cartons until the man left.

Bethlehem police said they later discovered the same man had robbed a 7-Eleven at Club Avenue and Union Boulevard in Allentown.”

How dumb do you have to be to try and rob someone with a pen. Unless your name is James Bond and it is from “Q” I suspect that you might be in trouble.

If I would have been the station attendant I would have used cans of diet coke to chase the guy out, but that is just me.

And on a side note, how thankful was the cashier that she didn’t grab the Twinkies to throw at this guy.And yet on another side note, if I am ever in a pie shop I hope that someone tries to rob me with a pen. I can throw a cream pie with the best of them.

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