A Sukkah that could withstand a hurricane

I am sure that the Head Heeb has his own stories of Jewish GIs and the holidays. I came across two stories today that I found interesting. The first is about a Sukkah that was built by the army for Chaplain Capt. Shmuel Felzenberg who is currently stationed in Iraq.

And the second story albeit an older one is about a Passover seder that was held in one of Saddam’s palaces.The seder was organized and lead by Rabbi Mitchell Ackerson (LTC, USA), the senior chaplain for the US Army 220th Military Police Brigade.

I found it interesting because you don’t find a ton of Jews in the US military. It is not for a lack of a patriotism, but a thousand different reasons. Such as in my case a problem with authority. If you ask the people that know me best what would happen if I had enlisted or been drafted they will uniformly respond with “he would have been court martialed.”

I prefer to think of this as being more like a strong streak of independence.

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