Friday fatigue

It is Friday and my ass is dragging and so is my man servant. Wow, that makes me sound rather biblical. Who wants to read a verse of The Book of Jack. How about humming a bar or two of “When Jack somes Marching home” or that famous standard “Old Mac Tubby the fat old Maid.”

I am beat, just worn out, tired and mentally drained. It is not unusual for me to feel this way. By Friday I am normally just tired. Some Friday nights I am so tired that I fall asleep by 9 PM. But lately I have been getting a second win around 10 or so.

No big plans for the weekend, just the usual family business and household chores. I am going to try and get to the gym and see if I can’t find time to play a couple of games of basketball. Come to think of it, I better try and do that early in the day because I have to hit Home Depot to pick up some supplies to fix my gate. Just think, if I really did have an ass and a manservant they could go to the store and pick up the supplies for me.

Why, the old manservant could even repair the game himself, saving me time and aggravation. That is the ticket, now all I have to do is find myself a nice man servant.

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