Places I am thinking of right now

Just a quick snapshot of places as they occur to me.

Sushi Yasuda at 43rd and 3rd. The Hyatt at Grand Central,The Har Zion Hotel in Jerusalem, The Chava( Summer ’85 is never far from my mind- changed me forever. Lalos- It doesn’t exist any more, but I remember it well. The lookout spot at camp, David’s Observatory, A.T. 11, the basketball courts, the desheh, the chadar, the Attitude Adjustment shop, Lions Canyon, Rose Valley, Carvel at Hamashbir, The Coliseum, A tiny cafe in London whose name I can not remember, beaches in Israel, Maui, LA, Big Sur, Mendocino, Rhoda Street Elementary, The Little League, San Francisco, The Marp, Lake Casitas, Wheeler’s Gorge, Friends Orchard, Chefs, Carrows, Soule Park, San Diego Zoo, The Pool at Birmingham High, The Pool at Camp, High Dive, Lair of the Bear- Camp Blue, Phoenix, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Shongum lake- they are a whirling blur of images that parade on by my mind’s eye.

To you it looks like gibberish and to me I see my past, present and little whisps of the future.

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  1. Stacey October 2, 2004 at 3:50 pm

    Pepper Pike, Cleveland, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Lake Erie, Cleveland, the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland

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