All-Women College Protests Male Admission

“AURORA, N.Y. – More than a third of Wells College’s all-female student body protested trustees’ decision admit male students Sunday, sleeping in the lobby of the administration building or in the 15 tents set up on the lawn outside. ”

When I was 20 a friend and I decided to take a “Womens Studies” course to fulfill one of our lower division general education requirements. I’d be lying if I said that I took that class for any other reason than to meet women.

I was quickly “educated” in the way that class was going to work. My buddy and I comprised two-thirds of the men in that classroom. We were not viewed with favor by the professor, not even at the start. If she asked questions and we raised our hands to answer she would ignore us until it became painfully obvious that the female students were not doing so also.

A number of the women there treated us with “great disdain” which I guess was because they saw straight through our little ruse. The class rapidly turned into a chore, but it was kind of fun to show u anyhow because there were some colorful characters in there.

We had the lesbian who slept with her male best friend. She said that she knew guys needed the help and that sex was quick so it was no big deal. We had the “born-again” who would blanch whenever the lesbian would talk about her life. We had the student who was raped.

She told her story and for 40 minutes that day and for several weeks afterwards the boys and I felt like we were two feet tall.

And then finally we had the girl who claimed to have worked as a stripper at various clubs around the city. She had some interesting stories too.

So dear reader you probably are wondering what I learned. I don’t remember a single thing from that class. It is 15 years later and the memories of the coursework have faded, but I can tell you that I didn’t get a single date from that class. Nada, nothing, zilch and neither did the other guys.

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