What Iranian Nukes Would Mean for the Middle East

This article is interesting. I don’t agree with much of it, but I think that it is worth reading and that it presents content that should be considered.

“Yet, for Arabs and Muslims alike who have barely lived down the ignominy of being overwhelmed by the miniscule Israel, the prospect of a nuclear Iran able to stand up to their regional foe would likely be welcomed in earnest. The legendary Arab pride has been repeatedly brutalized by successive Arab-Israeli conflicts. The occupation of Iraq and the humiliating capitulation of Libya’s weapons program have further fueled the Arab desire for a fitting reply to Israel’s unchallenged nuclear poser.

A nuclear and Muslim Iran, that speaks their language on Israel, would certainly go a long way in restoring this lost pride. For the man on the Arab street, the spectacle of this short— term gain is perhaps of greater value than the odds of a future nuclear showdown with all its accompanying devastation. Before our sanction of a nuclear Iran becomes a coherent cheer, it certainly would not begrudge Iran’s rulers to demonstrate true maturity of thought and stability of power. These basic requisites are yet to be fulfilled.”

When pride is enough to make you consider using WMDs you have to be concerned. Pride on all sides can lead to disaster.

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