Blogs- What are they worth?

In light of “Rathergate” and the ever increasing influence of communications borne by the net and mobile devices a debate has developed about the importance of blogs. Who are we, what can we bring to the table and what influence do we really have.

I am too tired to spend a ton of time on this, but I did want to make a few remarks. Bloggers are important, we play a critical role in communicating thoughts and ideas. But we shouldn’t overplay our importance. Our words are subject to the same vetting as any other author and that is the way it should be.

Part of the problem with our society is a lack of critical reasoning and logical analysis. Too many people are not interested in thinking, or want to do relatively little. And that is something that can hurt you. While it is true that you can over analyze things to the point of paralysis, you can also cripple yourself with actions that are not planned.

I really enjoy playing chess. One of the reasons that I find it so enjoyable is the emphasis and need to consider not just the next move, but the next 16 moves. And you need to pay attention to the angles, Bishops and Knights are roaming the board just looking for a spot to nail you.

So I consider it to be a good exercise in teaching yourself to try and consider all of the possibilities. There is solid reason to move expeditiously and authoriatively. But you really should look before you leap.

And what we find with blogs is that a couple of us take an idea and start running with it only to find that it has spread like wildfire. But what doesn’t happen with as much frequency is an effort to confirm the validity. Rumors can prove to be true, but they can also bite you in the ass.

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