Plastic Surgery

A friend and I just finished debating the merits of plastic surgery. We are in agreement about the “validity” of it’s use in restoration of disfigurement, but where we disagree is on whether elective plastic surgery should impact your opinion of a person.

My own feeling on this is that I don’t really care if someone wants to get a nose/boob job. I don’t really care if they want liposuction either. As long as they understand the risks involved it makes little difference to me whether they do it or not.

As far as I am concerned if you can do things to build your self-esteem and make yourself more productive and a happier person it can be a good thing. Happier people have a happier world to live in and it benefits all of us.

Now you could get into a deep philosophical discussion about why society makes people feel like this. Why would someone want to go from an ‘A’ cup to a ‘D’ or whatever. I’ll argue that much of plastic surgery on women is fueled by women and their thoughts on what men desire. It seems to me that many women use their sexuality to attract men much more than they use their brain.

That is not to suggest that women are stupid, they are not. But I really see this being pushed on women by women more than anything else. And I would add that many women have little to no clue as to what men really want in a woman. They rely upon stereotypes and sitcoms to get this information or share it in the nail salon. I don’t know.

But I wonder what difference it really makes to you if someone has done this. Why would you care if someone was so insecure about their chest they had work done on it. How does it hurt you? And can you really say that someone who had plastic surgery is a bad person.

Now I don’t want my daughter to grow up and feel like she needs surgery to feel attractive. So I am going to always work on making sure that she knows that she is loved for who she is, not who she looks like. Although she does look like me which means she is a step ahead already. 😉 Her sense of self-worth is something that she’ll derive from her parents, and as the first man in her life I’ll do what it takes to try and make her understand that she is not just a body.

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