Would you want Superpowers? Or if not that, how about some "ordinary skills?"

Yes, it is another classic Jack’s Shack moment. Questions about things that cannot happen in this world, but this time there is a twist, you can and are encouraged to include real life skills.

If I could have superpowers I would definitely have to include the standard upon which all other powers are based, flight. The ability to fly would just be so cool, although I’d probably have to create a windshield or some kind of helmet because bugs in your teeth is just not cool.

Super strength would be kind of cool too. The only problem with that is all my friends would expect me to help them move. Superpowers are not designed to do anything but make life easier, if they complicate them you probably don’t want them.

So maybe I might want to be exceptionally smart. I could be so smart that I was able to invent a jet pack to allow me to fly and an exoskeleton that would give me incredible strength. But then I would get stuck again. People would expect me to solve all of their problems, balance their checkbooks, do their homework. And then I’d spend all my time doing word problems about smoke traveling over Cleveland.

As for the ordinary skills I’d like to be able to sing and maybe even dance. It might be cool to play an instrument or two. Maybe the piano and the harmonica or even the guitar. It might even be nice to learn to be a serious diplomat and bring more peace to the world.

I think that it is time for me to start writing all the scripts for the politicians. The commercials would be completely unrealistic, but they’d be more fun.

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