Telephone troubles

Jack’s Shack is back online now. Yesterday morning my wife called to tell me that our telephone was not working. We ran the usual diagnostics to determine what the issue was. Checked the plugs, fed the hamsters, did a rain dance and nothing worked.

So we scheduled a visit from the telephone company so that they could survey the damage and make recommendations.

In the interim our telephone suddenly began to work, sort of. We started to receive incoming calls, but could not make outbound. Even better, they were for two different homes.

Hal and Marge had the good fortune of using my personal answering service. One of these days I might post about these telephone calls, some people were a little irked with old Jack. But I am only willing to tell someone that they reached the wrong number twice. Call me a third time and I’ll start playing with you.

Ok, I am off to start my weekend.

P.S. The issue was at the phone terminal, not here. SBC owes me money for their mistake.

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