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It is a lazy Sunday afternoon. We took the kids for a long walk. It is just beautiful outside, the kind of weather that makes me remember why I never leave LA for long. Blue skies, a slight breeze, beautiful women rollerblading, convertibles and me pushing a stroller. Talk about feeling cool.

Actually I really did, it was just so pleasant. Good to get the kids into the sunshine.

And now we are doing a little work around the house. Later today we are off to a wedding of a good friend. A bunch of my friends from out of town have come in to help celebrate. In past years we always managed to find a way to hang out throughout the weekend. At similar past affairs I would have been happily exhausted by this point in time.

And we did try, but it hasn’t worked the way we intended. Sick children and children who might be sick have conspired against us. Various family obligations have eaten vast chunks of time, not to mention the lack of babysitting.

So tonight will probably be the first time we get to see everyone. I am really happy for Tahlia, it is nice to see that she has found someone special. I was just thinking about when we met, it was the end of summer 1986. Our friendship has hit Chai. Pretty cool.

At the wedding I’ll see people that I first met when I was 8 or so. I feel very lucky to have so many good friends and to have had them for so long.

Speaking of early childhood I stumbled across the The Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project and thought that it was kind of interesting.

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