Schools Must Help in Fight Against Obesity

” Schools need to be more active in teaching heart-healthy behavior and they should offer more physical education and healthful meals, a new American Heart Association (newsweb sites) statement urges.

“The main way to prevent overweight is through physical activity and good nutrition and schools provide a very important avenue to reach the majority of youth,” said Laura L. Hayman, chairwoman of the writing group for the statement and a member of the association’s Committee on Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Obesity in Youth.

“We would hope that this statement combined with several other initiatives — including the recent Institute of Medicine (newsweb sites) report — will provide the armamentarium and the push that’s needed for school districts to adopt standards of physical activity and nutrition,” she said.”

You’d have to be a real fat head to fight this. 😉 It is very important, I hate seeing fat children. It is one thing if it is a medical condition, but far too often it is not caused by that at all.

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