A comment about email addresses and comments

As a recovering member of Bloggers Addicted to Commenting on Other Blogs or B.A.C.O.B. I have a couple of observations to make.

1) Many of the blogs out there are set up so that you cannot comment without providing an email address. The problem is that not only do I have 24 different email addresses, I receive copious amounts of spam at these various addresses.

And if half that spam was true the following things would be true:

I would be living well off the money paid to me by a Nigerian prince.

You could call me tripod, horses would look at me and bow their heads in shame.

The curse of 36 email chain letters would have hit me, so the joy I received in putting the horses to shame would be short lived and the Nigerian prince would have taken all of my money.

But as I am wont to do, I digress, which is better than regress. And while we are on the topic let’s discuss my egress, or let’s not. Ok, you really are pushy today, aren’t you.

Focus Jack, stay on topic he heard from the beyond, or maybe it is my wife calling me to go to bed. I am not sure, I have spent years perfecting the art of ignoring people. And so I receive so much spam I am not real interested in opening myself up for more.

To get around this sometimes I will fake an email address, but I always use the real URL of my blog. Some of the fake addresses I have used include:




Anyway, if you want me to respond in more detail to a comment I left on your blog or something here leave me a comment. If you don’t like what I have to say you email me at eatshitandstopwastingyourtimebecauseIneverwillrespond@booger.net

I’ll lay odds that at least 3 people will check out one or more of these email addresses to see what happens.

Smile, you just read 354 words that you can never take back.

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