My mind operates at warp speed

I sometimes wonder if I have ADD or some other attention issue. It is not that I cannot focus on a topic, I can. And I can do so with tremendous intensity, so much so that I lose track of time. Blogging is a perfect example of this, I can lose an hour or more and not have any real sense of the time that is missing.

Prior to the birth of my children I would read 2-3 books at a time. I did that for years.

My mind is just racing from one topic to the next, it is always processing, always searching. Even when I am relaxed there seem to be multiple thoughts going through my skull.

I suspect that this blog is indicative of that, because I seem to rack up the posts without any effort. What I really hope is that this process leads to growth for me, when you stop growing your stagnate and die.

Death came looking for me many times, but thus far I have managed to confuse the Grim Reaper through a series of tricks and feints I sent that scythe wielding wussy on a wild goose chase.

My son is in a Hebrew immersion program. I am very pleased with his progess and am counting on him to learn how to speak without my thick American accent. Of course in a crowd of people I am the one that people will assume is Israeli, but what does any of that matter.

Sometimes I wish that I could live for a thousand years. I’d move to different countries and just spend a 100 years or more there and then eventually I’d move on. There is a wanderlust in me that robs me of the ability to hold still for too long.

Sooner or later that wild hare makes me crazy and I am off again.

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