Presidential Debates- Picking a winner

So the debates have come and gone and I have spent a fair amount of time visiting blogs and reading/watching various news sources about the debates. In case you want a definition of how long a “fair amount” of time is, it is similar to knowing how much a dab or a smear of cream cheese is on a bagel. For that matter, it is probably less than a dollop and more than a dash of salt.

Digression ended, post resumes. What I learned and confirmed is that the winner of the debate reflects the candidate of choice for each individual with few to no exceptions.

And I am not really surprised by that. The talking points in the debates generally mirror policy in place or the policy that some wish were in place. So contingent upon the side you support you’ll likely find that your candidate still floats your boat and the other is just not doing it for you.

For me it still comes back to looking at the debates crosseyed and wondering just how many undecideds found them to be useful.

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