Why Can’t They Remake Fine Movies like this one?

Mother, Jugs & Speed

Look at this outstanding cast:

Bill Cosby- Mother

Raquel Welch- Jugs (Jennifer)

Harvey Keitel- Tony Malatesta

Bruce Davison- Leroy

Dick Butkus- Rodeo

Larry Hagman -Murdoch

And what a plot:

“Two privately owned ambulance companies compete for the city contract in LA. The focus, F+B Ambulance Service, has the wildest crew on the block. Cosby (Mother) plays the veteran driver to whom rules are meant to be bent. Keitel (Speed) is a cop on suspension for suspicion of drug peddling to minors who needs to pay the rent. Welch (Jugs) is the dispatch secretary with secret ambitions who won’t give the boys in the bunkhouse the time of day. Drama and comedy bleed together over who makes the right decisions to land them in the money and keep them out of the hospital.”

They remake everything else, why pass on this gem.

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