Govt. Report: Wave of Anti-Semitism Threatens France

“PARIS (Reuters) – A new wave of anti-Semitism in France is an extremely worrying phenomenon that poses a threat to the fabric of French society, according to a government report published Tuesday.

It said anti-Semitism in France was not restricted to people of Arab origin, Muslims and the far right, and proposed keeping a closer watch on racism in the media and schools and creating a national watchdog to monitor anti-Semitism.

“The new wave of anti-Semitic acts in the last few years is undeniable. The threats and violence against French Jews are an obvious, new and extremely worrying social factor,” said the 50-page report, drawn up by writer Jean-Christophe Rufin. ”

This has been going on for quite some time now. What are they going to do about it, beyond typing up reports.

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