Foolish Arguments- Or known as discussing sports, cities and parentage

Here is my afternoon confession, I enjoy foolish arguments. Don’t know why, but I just enjoy the nonsensical and meaningless banter of bashing other teams, cities and the associated crap that goes with it.

During the 80’s I loved listening to people chant “Beat LA” whenever the Lakers would play Boston. Of course that was when Boston still had a team and not a group of children pretending to be NBA players.

I loved hearing it again as Shaq and company waltzed through the other teams like they didn’t exist. We own Sacramento, San Antonio and pretty much the rest of the league.

It is fun to remind the fine folks of Denver and Buffalo that they are masters at losing the big game. For that matter the Vikings brought a lot of the same to Minnesota. I am not mentioning a city, because no one in their right mind would admit to being from there. Ok, maybe they would, but only because they could make fun of Fargo. People in Buffalo still haven’t thought of doing that yet, Clevelanders would try, but only if the people they were speaking with stopped laughing long enough to hear them.

The San Francisco Giants – LA Dodgers rivalry has been a lot of fun. Especially when you listen to the wine tasting snobs point their fingers at us and pretend that they are better. East Coast snobbery is so impressive, especially when it comes from the West Coast. These people remind me of the lady showing off her cubic zirconium ring. Looks good from a distance, but up close the polish doesn’t shine so bright and the ring loses it’s luster.

I used to think that these arguments were relegated to the province of men, but then I ran into a couple of women who were rabid fans of their teams. Good to see that in the fight for equality the fairer sex is just as dumb as we are. It is inspiring.

Ok, time for a new post and an explanation.

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