Update on the Technical Difficulties

I feel like Ali fighting Foreman. A country roots for me, shouting “Jack bomaye” over and over. I am bloodied and bruised. I look like I just took on Maximus and company in the coliseum, I am still standing, but the rope-a-dope is wearing on me

I am certain that if I saw film of myself I would see a crazed look in my eye to go with the muttering beneath my breath. If you hear me start talking about “my precious” be certain to run, don’t walk. If it breathes and I can bring it down I will feast upon it’s hide.

I am ready to run. I am ready to get in the car and drive to Vegas. From my house it should take about 4 hours. By noon tomorrow I’ll either have lost it all or won enough to purchase a plane ticket to anywhere. I am restless, I am pacing like a caged animal in search of an exit.

All because this computer is fighting me. Every move I make it counters. Every step it has been two steps ahead of me, but I will win. I’ll win because I am an ornery cuss who is incapable of recognizing that I am beaten. When I die they may wait a month to bury me just to be certain, because if I have to dig my way out of a coffin, I will be mad as hell. Not to mention in dire need of a shower, a cold drink and a couple slices of pizza.

It is time to go to my “happy place” and chill out. This can wait, but the rules of the blog require that I add something to this. I can be hyper-focused like a precision laser beam. That is, if I let myself I could spend the next 17 hours working on this. Sometimes that can be very useful, like when you have been buried alive and need to escape the crypt.

But when you are dealing with sensitive matters it is helpful to get some perspective and be to be careful in your actions. So, does anyone know where I can buy some perspective, I might as well buy it in bulk because you can never have too much.

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  1. Eleses October 21, 2004 at 3:40 pm

    Kudos on this comment: “I love people who say that they are intimidating. Pat them on the head, smile and watch them fume. ;)”! Although you’re way above my head and I’m obviously not one of your favorites, in my own small way I identify with “UPDATE ON THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES”!

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