And now your president of the United States

I am just disappointed. All of the things that I have read regarding both candidates reminds me that I still do not like either.

There is something wrong with feeling like you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. It is like being set up on a date by a friend. She/he tells you nothing but good things about the person you are going out with. They show you a picture and between the description and the picture you are truly excited to meet them.

And then they show up and you find out that the picture is before they ate their way through Vegas/underwent a bad hair transplant/got hit by a bus, you get the picture. Of if you are like me you look at the hot girl in the picture and think that G-d is really smiling down upon you as you are about to go out with a supermodel who has brains and really likes you.

And then you find out that the supermodel is not your date, it is the woman standing behind her. Disappointment.

Enough of the silly descriptions. The point is that we deserve better than this and we can do better than we have. I demand it and so should you. It is time to rethink and re-evaluate how things work.

No need to reinvent the wheel, but we can improve how it functions. More on this later.

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