Blog Rolling Etiquette and thoughts on links

I used to have an email address tied into the site but I pulled it because of the vast amount of “email” I received. Besides if I used all of the pills that these people want me to take they really would call me “Tripod” and I’d scare the neighbor’s horse. And that would be a shame.

But beyond all that I also received multiple requests to Blogroll people. It is not so much that I mind being asked, but that I am unwilling to do it for everyone and not interested in explaining why every time I decide not to do it.

The issue is very simple to me. I Blogroll sites that I find to be of interest, but the problem is that I have found so many that are of interest it is a little overwhelming. I am not real keen on the idea of listing 69 links on the side of the blog. I feel an obligation to visit sites I have blogrolled and I don’t have time to visit 69 sites.

There are blogs that I visit on a regular basis that I haven’t blogrolled and I don’t necessarily know why. I probably will end up doing it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you ask my wife about it she’ll tell you that I operate on “Jack Time” and that “Jack Time” doesn’t seem to correllate with time in the outside world. I do things at my pace.

Anyway, I have milked this cow long enough, it is time to go shear the sheep for a bit.

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