This weekend we are throwing a little shindig for my daughter, it is a baby naming party. We have worked hard to try and minimize the number of people and we are still looking at somewhere around 100 or so.

That includes family and friends, but not all of either. Wow, 100 people and we could have extended it higher had we sent out a few more invitations, not to mention that there were people who RSVP’d to say that they are not able to come.

My son’s Bris was similar and a little more nervewracking. It was hard because he was our first child and we were just learning what it meant to be parents, let alone that this took place a mere 8 days after his birth. But it went well and we had a great time.

So now almost four years later we are doing it again and we have run into a problem we had the last time in that we haven’t heard from a bunch of people and need to call them to find out if they are coming. The bigger problem is that I think that at least one couple were inadvertently left off of the list. Well, that is not totally accurate, the email invitation was sent out and they were definitely on it, but their email bounced.

I kept reminding myself to call and make sure that they were notified. And I did do that, but I didn’t leave a message. I meant to, but I just hung up and now here we are a couple of days away. So I have to call and make sure that they know that they were invited.

I am going to be honest and tell them the whole story and hope that they are not offended. Truth be told they can be offended and I won’t lose any sleep over it, but I’d rather that it didn’t happen. I hate dealing with nonsense.

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