Tall Women Are Sexy

It is no secret that I find women to be very interesting. They are so different and there are so many things that I find to be attractive and sexy about them. And they crack me up. It is so funny to listen to women discussing men and what they want. Some of it is just so ridiculous and some of it is so dead on.

The specific topic of this post comes from my elevator ride from the garage into the office building today. There was one other person in the elevator, a very tall woman. I am 5’10, so anytime I stand next to a woman and notice that she is taller than I am it is probably safe to say that she is tall.

But since I do have moments in which I am oblivious, there are times when I fail to notice that someone is standing on a step/projection/stool/chair, which clearly impacts their height in relation to me. As usual, I digress.

Most of the time women seek men who are taller/bigger than they are. So in my single days the taller women were less interested in myself and more interested in my friends many of whom are more than 6 feet tall.

Not that it matters anymore, but I never cared if a woman was taller than I am. My ego could easily handle that and I would have had not a single problem with her height in relation to mine.

Now if she were physically stronger than I am that would dent my fragile male ego, but not the height. That is not a big deal at all.

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