Still undecided

Yes, it is true, I am still undecided about who I am going to vote for. I have been busy running through platforms and positions and trying to decide what I think is most critical. I am not comfortable with many of Bush’s social policies and I am not real comfortable with all of Kerry’s either.

I am not convinced that either has a solid understanding of the security issues. I believe that we need a more aggressive stance and a president who will take action, so in that respect I am confident that Bush will do so. But I am not sold on his ability to make use of Allies either and still feel like I haven’t heard enough about the plan for Iraq.

On the other side I am not convinced that Kerry is going to take action when necessary and will not allowed us to be handcuffed by morally bankrupt groups like the UN.

In short I am still going to vote for the lesser of two evils and I am irritated by that, immensely. I’ll make a decision on this very soon. But it is likely that I will not announce it here because I am not interested in being “talked” to by Bush or Kerry groupies.

This election has been a sad exhibition of bad manners and poor judgement.

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