Rabid Anti-Bush People

Since it became known that I was undecided about who I wanted to vote for I have been approached by both Kerry and Bush supporters. All have tried to make a case for why I should go their way. Frankly few have said anything that made any real sense to me. I don’t like either candidate, but I will vote for one of them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the encounters I have had with the rabid Anti-Bush people who love to spend endless amounts of time “hyperbolating” about the man. I am not impressed, if anything I am disappointed in the behavior of some of these people.

*You cannot compare Bush to Hitler and expect me to take you seriously.

*You cannot tell me that Bush is the reason that 911 happened and expect me to take you seriously.

*You cannot tell me that Bush is the sole reason that terrorism exists and expect me to take you seriously.

*You cannot refuse to give Bush any credit for the lack of successful attacks within the U.S. since 911.

*You cannot give me a copy of the “stupid resume” that floats around the net and expect me to take you seriously.

If the best you can say about Kerry is that he is not Bush you haven’t given me any reason to vote for Kerry.

It is not about whether you like Bush/Kerry personally, it is about who is better equipped to do the job. And I am still evaluating who I wish to vote for. In every other election I knew long before Election day who I would vote for. This year is an anomaly.

I don’t believe that the US will disappear under a Kerry or Bush administration. It is time for everyone to take a deep breath and calm down.

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  1. Stacey November 2, 2004 at 6:11 pm

    I appreciate this post because I am sick of it, too. I don’t love either candidate, but I am tired of hearing Bush blamed for all of the ills of the world.

    And your point about giving him credit for no attack on our land since 9/11 is well-taken.

    This is a deeply personal decision. It comes down to the issues most important to each of us and whose vision is most in line with our own.

    So don’t worry about who says what. Just vote your conscience, Jack. And I still say “Jack for Pres.” 🙂

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