An Open Letter to President Bush

An open letter to President Bush,

Mr. President,

This past campaign is easily the ugliest one I remember witnessing. I found it to be very distasteful and not in the best interests of America. For quite some time now it has felt like my government has stopped working so that everyone could focus on the election. And now that the election is done, I would like to ask that my government resume working on the issues and challenges that we all face.

I’d like to see a real effort to heal the giant rift inside the US so that we can all work together. I’d like to hear more specific details about your plans for the future in relation to healthcare, the economy and the war in Iraq. What are we going to do to try improve all of those areas?

It’s time to put our boots on and get back in the trenches. There is work to be done, let’s see what we can accomplish in the next four years.


Jack- Owner of Jack’s Shack and a hell of a nice guy.

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  1. Just Me November 4, 2004 at 2:19 pm

    Jack, I think he read your blog before making his first post-electin speech!

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