Bush wins and we need to resume living

During the past 45 minutes or so I have sat back and listened to the conversations around me. They have been a mixture of gloom and doom and elation. I am not feeling particularly happy or sad. As I have said many times before I didn’t like either candidate.

And this distaste led me to a place in which I am rather ambivalent. I don’t think that the country would have collapsed under a Kerry administration any more than I think it will under Bush. The energy or lack of energy around me is significant, which is why I am commenting on this again.

I’d really like to see an effort to bridge the gap and move forward. You can’t spend all day waiting for the sky to fall. For those people who have invested so much energy into praying that Bush would win I suggest that you find a new positive way to harness that energy. Be productive, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how the next four years pan out.

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