The war is not over and in a short time I expect that we are going to begin hearing and reading about some very serious action in Fallujah. If the US really wants to “win” the hearts and minds of the average Iraqi citizen we have to find a way to make daily life better.

We have to improve safety, restore basic services and make the citizens see that we are working with them and for them. And only then will we see support for the insurgents slow down.

Fallujah is going to be a very serious battle that will be very costly. Allawi is making sure that the people there know that there is a Deadline for a peaceful settlement. I do not believe that settlement is coming. I think that they need to get the civilians out of there and literally lay waste to the city. If you don’t stop this rebellion soon it will be too late and the opportunity will get away completely.

It is ugly and it will be messy. And just so that it is clear, I am not happy about any of this, but I think that there are some ugly things in life that have to be handled. This is one of them.

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