The Future- A "Moral" Society

Not unlike many people I am concerned with the direction that the US is heading in. When I heard that Bush won the election I didn’t cry, I didn’t go into mourning or feel like the world had ended. I just shrugged my shuolders and prepared to go to work on important issues.

  1. This is a nation that is based upon a melting pot of people and religions. Our diversity can be used as a strength or it can be divisive. It all depends on how we use it.
  2. Separation of church and state is a Good Thing. It is important to be inclusive and not exclusive and for all of it’s inclusiveness religion can hold exclusive qualities.
  3. Abortion should not be used as birth control, but neither should it be outlawed.
  4. Education is something that needs more attention. Teachers should be paid more and the profession should be viewed as something that attracts only the best people in the same fashion as Neurosurgeons and cardiologists.
  5. The Environment is important and we should be conscientous of how we treat our world. Alternative sources of energy should be explored. What would happen if someone like Bill Gates really got behind developing an alternative to oil.
  6. Dialogue between groups and individuals is important, but when we encounter those who try and obfuscate their true purpose we should not ignore the usefulness of wielding a big stick.
  7. We may live in a global society, but we as a nation dictate what is important to us.

I may expand on some or all of these at some point in the future. For now let me say that in reference to item number seven I am not suggesting that just because we are bigger we can do what we want. We can argue over the morality of this forever, but with power comes responsibility (Spiderman-got to love those comic books) and when we have the opportunity to try and do something about the dictators and troubled lands in the world we should consider our options.

Bedtime for the children, see you around later.

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