A Solution Presents Itself

A couple of weeks ago I burned many precious brain cells on trying to solve a little computer issue. I was trying to upgrade my iTunes so that I could continue using it and I kept encountering errors, specifically runtime 1607.

Until then all I associated 1607 with was Jamestown and in little time I felt like I had all of the technical proficiency of someone from Jamestown, the Jamestown of 1607. So I spent time trying to fix the issue with the computer. It was a battle, a vicious and protracted battle that was eventually settled with peace talks.

Unfortunately the time spent away from the battlefield allowed the terrorists time to regroup and rearm themselves. When I left the safehouse this evening and ventured into the field I was prepared for this eventuality, and sure enough I hadn’t been out long when my unit came under fire.

I was shelled from multiple directions, communications were cut off and we ran through the smoke cursing the politicians who prevented us from completing the task the first time around. If they hadn’t lost their nerve we could have gone all the way, instead we found ourselves with too much downtime.

Downtime has it’s place. You cannot run around at an emotional high for too long or you’ll snap. But it is a double-edged sword, if you stay out of the game for too long you get cold and you lose your edge. And it is the edge that keeps you alive, that little sense that tells you that the flashing orange light on the tower is nothing more than a flashing orange light.

After what seemed like hours of being beaten like a rug I managed to stumble home. Home, thank G-d for home. I had never been so happy to listen to the Wiggles sing, to see Bob the Builder join with Thomas the Tank Engine in chorus after chorus of children’s tunes. Thank you Dora the Explorer for simple encouragement. Thank you Tinky-Winky, your purple purse and pleasant presence helped me to find my way. Thank you Joe for teaching me that a handy-dandy notebook was useful for inputting clues. And thank you Cookie Monster for reminding me that after such a battle the best salve and tonic for my weariness was a cookie and soy milk. Sorry, lactose intolerance is a bitch.

And thank you Mr. Rogers for teaching me to always rely upon my imagination because it helped me to realize that I have a solution, a simple solution to my dilemma.

I am going to take my laptop and install software so that I can go online with the laptop here at home. And then I’ll download the other pieces I need and transfer the files between the laptop and desktop. It will be time consuming, but it should work. And if I learned anything from watching Gilligan’s Island it is that good things come to those who work with Sherwood Schwartz.

If this reads as strangely as I think it may you will see that I did not pass through the war unscarred. I am beaten and bruised, but unbent and unbowed.

With a nice massage and some sleep I expect that coherent thought shall return.

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