When is failure acceptable.

So often we hear people discuss failure and their thoughts on it. More often than not it is in terms that are very similar to what I mentioned below. “Failure is not an option.”

That sounds good and it is a feel good type of statement but it is not fair and not always true. Sometimes failure is not only acceptable but necessary. It is a growth process, albeit painful. But if you do not fail you set yourself up for problems.

Sooner or later you will fail, it is a guarantee. The cards will not always favor you, the time will come when luck, skill/talent will not be enough and then what will you do. If you have not developed any coping skills you will be in trouble, perhaps bigger trouble.

As a father it is incumbent upon me to allow my children to fail. The challenge is to try and do that without allowing their confidence to be crushed. I have a serious edge to me, I am not always nice. I am not always tolerant and I can attribute this to many things, and to a certain extent the times I have failed have helped to make me who I am.

More on this in a moment.

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  1. Stacey November 9, 2004 at 2:35 pm

    Good post, Jack! I always cringe when I hear, “Failure is not an option.” That is ridiculous. What kind of thing is this to teach our children — when we should be instilling confidence and self-esteem in them?

    I have grown and learned more in life from my failures than my victories.

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