New JFK video game called ‘despicable’

“The company calls the game an educational “docu-game” that was designed to refute the theory that there a conspiracy was behind the assassination.

Traffic’s managing director, Kirk Ewing, said it will also inspire a younger generation of players to take an interest “in this fascinating episode of American history.”

My bullshit detector is going off like there is no tomorrow. Pathetic, just wrong.

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  1. Bronco Buddha November 22, 2004 at 9:41 pm

    I agree this is horrific, despicable and a terrible example for kids. But come now. This is a great money-making idea. It gives you the opportunity to kill a world leader without all the danger, like going to prison, etc. I can definitely envision if this game is successful, there will be opportunities to reenact other famous assassinations (Lincoln, Archduke Ferdinand, etc.) And eventually, I could see them coming out with a version where the game player can “create your own” assassination by entering the name of some current or former world leader (think some liberals might wnat to create a cyber-fantasy about doing in Bush 43?), a location (Dallas, memphis, a theater in DC) and a weapon and letting the player take it from there. (Think The board game Clue, but in reverse and on the computer.) S/he’d have to plan an escape route, an alibi, etc. Loads of fun! Highly sick, but loads of fun! Brilliant business idea. I bet the creators are going to make a mint.

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