Wing Women- Use a woman to help you meet other women

I read about this the other day. It is a service that men can use to try and utilize the assistance of a beautiful woman to meet other women.

The idea is that a man hires a woman to serve as a bit of an escort to a social function. At the function the woman is supposed to help facilitate introductions to other women.

I haven’t been single in close to a decade, but as I recall from my college days this is a fairly smart and sensible approach. I had a couple of friends who were very pretty and very outgoing. Any time we went out I ended up meeting other women.

I suspect that beyond making a man a little less threatening there is probably some kind of competition thing going on here. That is enough on this topic for now. Plenty of more important things to cover.

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  1. Anonymous November 24, 2004 at 7:04 pm

    The best plan is to offer to babysit for your friends kids? You earn some extra pocket change… and the kids are total babe magnets! Win Win! 🙂


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