Iran and Nukes- A Bad Idea

In the coming weeks we are going to see more news and more opinions about Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. The most recent comments from the Iranians were full of the usual blather about them having peaceful intentions and their desire to demonstrate their cooperation.

“(CNN) — Iran’s top nuclear negotiator said his country’s uranium-enrichment program will only be suspended long enough to complete negotiations with Europe, possibly only a few months — though stressed Iran’s intentions were peaceful.

“We decided to do this voluntarily to create trust,” Hassan Rohani said on Tuesday.

“The period of suspension is only for the purpose of carrying out talks with Europe. This period of time should be logical and should not go on forever.”

Call me crazy, but I am not convinced. I am not convinced that they are halting all work. I am not convinced that they have peaceful intentions and I am not convinced that anything is happening here other than an attempt by the mullahs to buy more time.

And time is something that is slipping away for the rest of us who wish to see the purveyors of terror stopped.

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