This Post Contains X-Rated Material

I live in Los Angeles, specifically within the San Fernando Valley. My beloved Valley is famous for being one of the centers of porn in the U.S.

The Costco I shop at is just down the street from the Vivid office and across from the former office of Marvel Comics, now used by MTV for Road Rules and Real World.

The gym I play basketball at is populated by lots of different people with all sorts of different kinds of job. But not unsurprisingly it is populated by a number of people who are in show business. The other day I encountered one who really is in show business.

He is a producer of pornographic movies. I have seen him there for years, but it is only recently that I found out what he does. I had just finished showering and had returned to my locker to get dressed where I found him and another man discussing there business.

I found much of it to be interesting, not for salacious reasons, but just because it was out of the realm of my normal experience. Here is the X-Rated part of this post. Parents cover your children’s eyes.

One of the guys in the locker room asked what it takes to be a porn star and he told us that the guys who do it have to be able to get an erection quickly and then maintain it for about 2 hours or so. And they have to be able to do this in front of a camera crew and multiple other people on the set.

Now some of you may not find that to be all that special, but to me it caught my eye. I’d write more but I think that I poked around here long enough and I am afraid that if I do so any longer there will be too many holes to fill in this story.

If I hadn’t come in on the tail end of this story it might be different, but those are the breaks.

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  1. Jack's Shack December 2, 2004 at 5:58 pm

    Hiya Esther,

    You are right, it wasn’t very graphic at all. Here is my confession, I toned it down because of my presence within the Jewish blogging community. I have been wrestling with that for a little while now, how graphic do I want to be.

  2. Esther Kustanowitz December 2, 2004 at 5:44 pm

    Not to quibble with your rating system, but I’m quibbling with your rating system.

    I would say that although the content of Vivid videos is likely X-rated, your blog entry earns a mere R, if that much, for sexual language.

    It’s a sexually liberal world we live in. American Pie was rated R, and the whole thing was about sex in almost every aspect. Your entry is practically family-friendly in comparison.

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