New Fan Mail

Dear Jack,

I bet that you are fat and ugly.

Thanks, but next time you decide to write me make sure that you are not staring at your own reflection. It is fun to be juvenile. I know you are, but what am I.

Dear Jack,

Will you blogroll me?

Will I blogroll you? Send me a picture and your measurements first and I’ll consider it. I know, still juvenile.

Jack, what you makes you think that you are funny. And who told you that people would read your posts?

Now, I am confused, I look for sarcasm but cannot determine if it is there. Maybe this is sincere, so here is my answer. My mommy loves me and said that she would read my posts. Of course she would have to remember my URL and that is asking a lot. Not her thing.

Give this a rest, we need a break.

There is nothing I love more than positive attention. If you don’t like what you read, read some more, think about it and then read it again. There is a pop quiz at 11.

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