The Peterson Trial Made Me Think of Something

If heaven forbid one of my children did something truly heinous, would I be able to turn them in? Or would I be in complete denial? What would I do if I knew that turning them in meant that they would be put to death?

G-d forbid I should ever find out, but this is the kind of thing that I think would be the ultimate Fuck you a child could serve to a parent.

In a few minutes I’ll get ready for bed, but before I do I need to kiss both of my children and make sure that they are sleeping well.

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  1. Jack's Shack says

    I am not sure that I could ever stop loving them, even for something so terrible.

  2. A tough thing.

    Although you turn them in, do you stop loving them even if they are guilty of something so vile?

    Take Care

  3. If my children did something heinous (G-d forbid) I would have to turn them because it is clearly the thing to do. Although the victim may not be my child, he/she is someone else’s.

    It is like the Lori Hacking case in Utah. Mark Hacking confessed the murder to 2 of his brothers and they went to the authorities. It had to be the hardest thing they ever did — but it was the right thing.

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