Who Wears the Wrong Size Condom?

“BERLIN (Reuters) – Most German men wear condoms of the wrong size, a condom distributor said on Wednesday, after asking more than 2,500 men to measure their erect penis.

“People measure their feet when they buy shoes. Why shouldn’t they measure their penises? A man would not wear children’s shoes,” said Jan Vinzenz Krause of Vinico, which released the study’s findings on World AIDS (newsweb sites) Day.

Most condom boxes in Germany indicated size but men, due to embarrassment or vanity, rarely checked or just bought those marked “extra large,” he said.

Vinico’s survey recommended various brands to be used — depending on the endowment of the wearer.

The study found the average erect penis size was 14.7 cm (5-3/4 inches), with 40 percent of participants reporting lengths between 12 and 15 cm (4-3/4 and 5-7/8 inches).

When compared with the condoms normally used by the participants, the results showed only 18 percent wore the right size, with nearly half squeezing into condoms that were too small and 34 percent trying to use those that were too big.”

How embarrassing would it be to have the condom slip off because it was too big. Oy.

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  1. foxymama December 3, 2004 at 7:01 pm

    I’ve heard those same things said of women at the bra counter in the lingerie department. But then, if you look at the way people in general try to pour themselves into ill-fitting clothing, alot becomes clear…

  2. Mr. Middle America December 3, 2004 at 3:50 pm

    Girth. How shameful would it be to have a loose-fitting condom on the first encounter? Yikes! For visual effect it needs to fit right…

    When I was single and running around… I would always make sure beforehand that this particular assesory fit correctly before I brought it out to the public—for viewing!

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