New York, New York

Start spreading the news, Jack is coming back to town. It is time to give the city some class and culture again. 😉

Actually I am not sure when I am going to be heading back to Manhattan, but it will likely be soon. I have to return for business to visit some of my clients and am debating about when I should try and head out.

As previously mentioned I sell advertising and work closely with advertising agencies. The two primary locations that my client’s agencies are located in are Los Angeles and San Francisco. A consistent part of the business requires heavy interaction with the agencies.

What this really means is that the business is all about relationships. The publications I represent are solid, offer value and worthwhile. But so are many of my competitors, so when the quality is equivalent it means that ultimately I need to really get in front of them and build relations face-to-face.

So the question is when to go, what time will yield the most dividends. And that is really a subjective call. There is no guarantee that visiting will mean more business, but many of my competitors live in the city and can just drop by.

But I don’t own any Winter clothes, so a visit during Winter means that I need to buy/borrow clothes. Oops, there goes the doorbell. Don’t they know that I am busy now……….

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