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Dear Jack,

If you want to build traffic you need to stop posting so many different stories. We can’t keep up.



Dear Mike,

You make me feel important, I never realized that my readers had an Ombudsman. Keep up the good work.


Dear Jack,

Have you ever read DovBear? Your style is similar to his.

Dear Reader,

Yes, I have read DovBear (sorry only one link to him in this post or I’ll have to start charging) and while I appreciate your comments I am not clear on style. Are you referring to style of writing? No offense to the Cub, but I can spell. 😉 Or maybe you are referring to his dress, I have heard that he is quite the dashing dresser whereas I am known for tanktops and shorts.



Dear Jack,

What is your position on blogs?

Dear Reader,

My current position is reclined and in a state of semi-wakefulness. In a short time it will likely be horizontal interspersed with snoring and twitchy moments caused by the very erotic dreams I have.

In the last one I was sitting at my computer typing when a man burst into my office and asked me for my 2005 sales projections. Ooh, spreadsheets, math, numbers, it makes me feel kind of loosey-goosey.

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