Chanukah Thoughts

I have such joy in watching my son. It is fun to just watch him go about his business. He doesn’t recognize that I spend a ton of time just staring at him, watching his play with his trucks, run or even when he is reading a book or watching television. It is just interesting to me watching his brain process things.

And it is truly wonderful to watch him say the blessings with me and to see his face light up at the prospect of the gifts he is going to receive. He gets so excited.

Tonight he really made me proud because he remembered that we are going to give some toys to one of the shelters here so that children who don’t have as much get something nice.

He is so sweet. Forgive me for standing on a soapbox, but I don’t understand why so many parents are afraid to say no to their children. It is ok to set boundaries and I can see that my son really appreciates the gifts he receives.

So many valuable lessons to be learned and taught to both him and I.

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