Overcoming Death

“In The Scientific Conquest of Death, a group of well-respected scientists and theorists take on the biological and philosophical arguments against radically extending the human life span. The first half of this new book is dedicated to scientific questions, and the reader discovers some incredibly interesting facts. For example, aging is not universal. There are a bunch of different life forms that, if left free from disease and predators, would never die. Examples include lobsters, turtles and banana trees.”

I think that this is a very interesting concept with a lot of food for thought.

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  1. Anonymous December 11, 2004 at 7:55 am

    I am not interested in dying, but I cannot say that I am afraid of it. I would like to live long enough to do many many things. If I could have a 100 years to try and become an expert in various fields of interest it would be very cool.

    I have three grandparents who are all over 90, so I feel optimistic about my lifespan. But I am really thinking of this as being more around the lines of 500 years or so.

    Or course so much of my interest is contingent upon my health and I have to consider the emotional impact of what happens if my loved ones are not able to match my lifespan.

    I have buried a lot of friends and family, it is never that easy.

  2. Robyn December 11, 2004 at 2:51 am


    I dont think I would want to live forever. I love this world, but when I leave it, I think it will be a relief.
    I am ready to go when my maker calls. The thought of being here forever truely makes me ill.

    Love and Light

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