Customer Service- It is lacking

On Monday December 6th I placed an order for a puzzle that I thought would make a great gift for my children and is something that is of interest to their parents as well.

This morning (Saturday December 11) I called to check the status of the order and was told that it had not shipped yet. Not only was the agent unapologetic about this but he tried to tell me that I should be thankful because he was going to move my shipment up to Monday December 13th.

If this is the kind of service that they offer I expect that I have completed my shopping experience with them.

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  1. Jack's Shack December 12, 2004 at 2:50 am

    See, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  2. Michael December 12, 2004 at 2:47 am

    Now the web site says don’t expect it til the end of January because they are out of stock.

    Take Care

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