The worst type of pain has to be mental, there cannot be anything worse than that. Physical pain, chronic unrelenting physical pain can’t be great. It must be a terrible burden, but there are drugs that you can take to minimize or escape it.

But when the pain you feel is located inside you, when your soul screams and your heart aches, that is true misery. I won’t say that I have suffered more than others, many have life experiences that are incredible tragedies, things that make my own look less than miserable, at least from the outside.

And that is part of the problem, when you are truly down and beat up it feels like you are looking at the world from the outside in. Your friends/family are happy and the world in general seems to be populated with people who are so gosh darn happy you want to beat them to a pulp. Can’t they see that there is sadness and misery, aren’t they aware that in an instant everything that they love and value can be taken from them.

Fortunately, the world doesn’t function that way and I think that this is in part how we are able to rebound and heal the wounds that seem to take forever to disappear. The sun that was hidden behind the clouds magically appears and life feels less like a chore and more like a gift.

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  1. Mr. Middle America December 12, 2004 at 1:10 pm

    Zoloft… There is the magic, albeit a temporary solution!

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