Third Language Area in Brain Identified

“MONDAY, Dec. 13 (HealthDayNews) — British scientists say they’ve identified a third area of the brain involved in language, a finding that seems to confirm previous theories.

Until now, it was believed that just two brain areas handled language. One area produced language, another area was responsible for comprehension, and a dense bundle of nerve fibers linked the two areas.

However, some scientists suspected there was a third language area in the brain. In this study, researchers used diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging — a more powerful version of standard MRI — to identify this third area, which they dubbed Geschwind’s territory.

The name honors American neurologist Norman Geschwind, who championed the idea of a third linguistic area decades ago.

The study appears in the current online edition of the Annals of Neurology.”

I am still trying to locate the first area and they are up to three. Those bastards are trying to make me look bad.

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