What Are You Entitled To?

This is a topic that I write about every so often because it is something that deserves periodic reflection. We live in a world that has become enamored with instrant gratification. We expect immediate responses to our questions and needs.

When I first learned how to use the telephone my mother told me that I should let it ring at least 6 times so that the person would have time to answer the phone. Now if the machine or voicemail doesn’t pick up by the fourth ring I find myself wishing nasty things upon the person on the other end.

And that is assuming that they are not using their caller ID to determine if they are interested in speaking with me. I should add that I rarely leave messages. If I call and get your machine I hang up and don’t say a word. I am usually just calling to say hi, nothing all that important, so why leave a message.

Some people I know get irritated with this and will punch *69 so that they can see who the last person to have called was. I’d love to have the ability to channel all those *69 calls back to some kind of phone sex service, boy that would shock a few people.

We live in a world in which we are assaulted by ads everywhere we go. They are ads for every kind of product imaginable. Just this morning I received several that caught my eye. If I wanted to I could take a pill that would add 3 inches to the length of my penis and another one that would give me an erection that would last for 3 weeks.

Even better, I found out that I can help a Nigerian prince save his fortune. With the reward I receive from that my three week erection can be put to good use on some island somewhere. I can see myself drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Where is the shmata queen when you need her.

On a more serious note, there is a push within the US and elsewhere that more is better. Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger television, it is all better and it is something that you must strive for to be happy.

Not only that, but we are being told that we are all entitled to these things.

It is not a very healthy way of looking at things. In fact it is really unhealthy. If there is a hole in your soul a Hummer will not fill it, although if road rage is your thing it is a great vehicle to be driving.

In my world we need to return to an understanding that you should be entitled to affordable housing, healthcare and a great education.

Anything more than that should be something that you receive because you worked to get it. Effort should equal achievement, at least in a perfect world it should.

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  1. Anonymous December 15, 2004 at 11:31 pm

    I got the spam about the nigerian prince as well. I wanna get rich too, but damn, a 3 week erection would hurt 😉


  2. Stacey December 15, 2004 at 1:36 am

    “Where is the shmata queen when you need her.”

    I’m at a bar called O’Malley’s. (Where else would I be)?

    P.S. I am not into yoga, and I have 1/2 a brain. ;

  3. ALG December 14, 2004 at 9:59 pm

    This reminds me of what pissed me off about the Apprentice when I watched part of it at the gym one night. There’s some kind of “have it all” tagline there, and I was thinking, “If this–what the show promotes–is all, I don’t want it.” I don’t want a corner office (walls would be lovely–a window would be terrific!) or a limo to take me everywhere or a penthouse apartment (not sharing a two bedroom with three other women would be great!). But, anyway, the point I was trying to make before I got caught up in the minor irritations of my life is that I don’t even want those things as much as I want a life partner, kids, happiness, healthy family members, and peace on earth.

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