The War On Christmas

I received an email announcing that I am part of Satan’s minions and a member of the War on Christmas.

Folks, I was offended that someone took enough time to send me a note and then made the mistake of calling me a simple minion. What the devil does the devil have to do to get his due.

It has taken me hundreds of years to turn this nation of millions into a place in which the two primary weekly magazines (Newsweek and Time) simultaneously make Christianity their cover stories with nary a mention of any other religion.

I worked for hundreds of years to construct a Road Warrior bold enough to Mad Max his way to the top of movie making with passionate tale of my adversary while those other guys had to deal with nothing more than this silly movie.

And now in this fine land in which the federal government shuts down without fail on the 25th of December people think that there is a war outside of Iraq that they should be concerned about.

And to that I say Feh, feckle and fermin. Bleah.

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