Who Will Be For Me?

I came across a good post on Auterrific today entitled “Who Will Be For Me?”

It is a good reminder that we should continue to be vigilant and bear witness to the tragedies and horrors of the past. And if you consider just active the Jewish community has been in promoting Holocaust Awareness the tragedy that is taking place now in the Sudan even more horrifying.

The world cries about the situation in Iraq and ignores Africa. A sad testimony to the power of oil.

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  1. mquest December 27, 2004 at 1:26 am

    Sudan has been in trouble for a while. It gets much more press outside of this country. The whole Ivory Coast was major talk round the world during the build up to the Iraq war. While the UN and France where being battered as wimps by Bush and company they were fighting rather hard. France was risking troops to save U.S. Workers/students. (I know you are not a big fan of France/U.N) The U.S. made a point to downplay all that was going on in that region. The whole thing is sad and the U.N. Is still being hounded for not trying. They tried and Bush and company worked hard to ignore and marginalize it. How will the Sudan thing turn out? We have stretched our military to the point of being unable or unwilling to help. You are right it is a sad testimony to oil. (I might add greed and power)

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