A Minor Problem

In recent times I have watched as my life has slowed down a bit. The more serious problems are melting away and being replaced with a series of nicks, scrapes and bruises.

And in some ways even though these problems are not of the magnitude of others that have recently been solved they are more frustrating. They are more frustrating because they are just irritations that on their own are truly minor, but collectively seem to be testing my patience.

Muscle Aches and pains. I seem to find new aches and pains daily and I am growing tired of it. I am not in the shape I want to be in, but I do exercise daily and these things get on my nerves. At 35 I am not bouncing back like I did at 20. I am too young to feel so creaky.

Go Stats- The counter does not seem to be working properly. I cannot serve as a good voyeur of who visits my blog without it.

The Weather is annoying. I want sunshine and I want it now.

There are others that I could list as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for many things, but it doesn’t change my desire to strive for a little bit more. I am just pushing here and there because when you stop trying you begin to settle and I am not ready to just settle.

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