Weapons of Mass Destruction

Ok, we can take this post any number of directions. It could be a chance to revisit my post about the man in my office building whose body contains WMDs or I could go with the more serious comment about the cessation of the hunt for WMDs in Iraq.

I’ll opt for serious and place a few thoughts for your consideration.

I fully expect to hear an onslaught of more commentary from people lambasting the president and the war. There will be more remarks about how we went to war under false pretenses, more comments that Saddam was a bad guy, but not really bad enough for us to fight. There will be more self-righteous indignation and more blabbering about the impact of the war on the image of the US.

Most of this will ignore the burning questions as they have for so long. Is it possible that the war was waged because of bad intelligence. And if we went to war on bad intelligence what culpability does Bush and company have.

Osama Bin-Laden declared that Zarqawi is the emir of Iraq and has officially named his group to be affiliated with Zarqawi’s group. Is there anyone out there who can claim with a straight face that Zarkawi did not have a problem with the US and the west prior to the war.

There is an immediate and pressing need for better intelligence. Will Porter Goss and company get this done.

There are still people who claim that the real reason that there is war and unrest in the ME is because of Israel. I ask them to answer a few questions.

Does the presence of Israel prevent them from establishing democratic governments to replace the dictators who have been running their countries.

Was Israel the reason that Syria has effectively controlled Lebanon for years and was it the reason that Saddam went to war with Iran and invaded Kuwait.

On a side note as I end this, allow me to say that if my post was any more garbled I would have to be drunk. The words are just not flowing well. Time to move on to something new.

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